Progressions AR App

Syd Mead was one of the most accomplished and widely respected artists and industrial designers alive. His career boasted an incredible array of projects from designing cars to drafting architectural renderings, but he was most famous for his work as a concept artist on some of the most visually arresting films in the history of cinema. Curated pieces from his deep archive of concept designs, new experiences will be added – sure to please film fans, artists, and futurologists alike.

The Pebble Beach Tryptic is on display at the expo and will trigger multiple modes of augmentation, from sketches to color preliminaries, video, and 3D models.

Unique to the exhibition is the Oblagon App available only at the website. Participants, who download the app to their phone or tablet, can hold it up to selected artworks and it allows them to view and rotate details of the art in 3 dimensions. In addition, it allows the viewer to experience the original line drawings and color rough draft for the artwork, to truly show the progression of the final piece.  

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