NFT Syd Mead Disclaimer

3D Rendering futuristic robot technology development, artificial intelligence AI, and machine learning concept. Global robotic bionic science research for future of human life.

In response to digital rights inquires and the status of intellectual property (IP – artwork) created by Syd Mead, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and matters involving blockchain tokens, which can be used to verify ownership of a work of digital art, Syd Mead Inc., has not licensed, and no agreements have heretofore been established that would allow any such IP to be legally utilized by any entities not associated with, or party to a formal understanding with Syd Mead Inc..

As the existence of the blockchain-based digital rights management platform and middleware encryption to enable digital scarcity are a recent phenomenon, Syd Mead Inc. declares that it is the legal representative of all rights to artwork created by Syd Mead that have not otherwise become encumbered by a prior agreement with the commissioning client. 

Syd Mead Inc. does not acknowledge any existing legal rights to any existing parties, for IP stored inside an NFT, whose intent is to exploit, for profit or prestige, by means of upload media from such video, books, music, source code, or art.  

No NFT or blockchain-based items have been issued by Syd Mead Inc. at this time (April 2021). 

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