Syd Mead presents “Future World” at IDSA Conference, Boston, August 18th

Syd will deliver a key note presentation entitled “Future World” at the 2012 Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Conference in Boston Massachusetts on August 18th.

One constant in history has been a fascination with the “Future World” and the emerging technologies that shape it.  Whether it be new forms of communication or transportation, a brand new idea, or simply an unimagined refinement of an existing discovery, we have always been curious about what comes next.  Today, the world of cross-referenced technologies is advancing so fast that making sense of the “Future Word” is increasingly perplexing. What does it take to produce and sustain a “good” future through innovation and what ecosystem of creativity is needed for this to happen?  What is a “good” technology and how will such technologies enable us to achieve a higher level of coexistence? What are the challenges ahead and how do we act responsibly for future generations? Syd Mead, a leading futurist, and artist for product and concept design and notably motion pictures, will give us some insights into how we should think, dream about, and hope for the future.           Syd Mead – Visual Futurist, Artist

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