SYD MEAD – CTN Appearance, November 16th, 2012 – Burbank, CA

Syd Mead Legendary Visionary Artist – Modern Day Leonardo

CTNX 2012
On location, Burbank CA

Syd Mead has done more than imagine the future, he has helped to craft its shape. In addition to being one of the few top names in the field of concept art for the entertainment industry, Syd Mead is often referred to as a visual futurist, and he is the quintessential artist to whom that term can be applied.  Mead’s elegantly rendered visions of sleek technological futures, and his contrastingly gritty designs for the kind of alternate future he created for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, have stuck, glowing with promise, in the minds of almost anyone who has seen them.  Beyond the designs themselves, his illustration style and superb command of technique have been a source of inspiration for legions of illustrators, fantasy painters and science fiction artists, as well as the concept artists who have followed in his footsteps.
In addition to Blade Runner, his feature film visual development credits include Aliens, Tron, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Time Cop, 2010, Johnny Mnemonic and the recent Mission Impossible 3: Ghost Protocol.  Mead’s work has been the subject of several collections (of which the older, out of print editions are highly sought after), as well as a series of instructional videos from Gnomon Workshop. In sharp contrast to a lot of artists who have done “futuristic” images, many of Mead’s designs still look contemporary or futuristic decades after they were done.  One reason for this is that Mead has also been an industrial designer, and his influence has been pervasive not only on generations of concept artists and illustrators but on the real world designers and architects who shape our cars, buildings and other elements of our surroundings. Please help us welcome the legendary Syd Mead to the CTN animation eXpo and use the comment box below to talk to Syd directly before the show.
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