Stylus: Syd Mead: “Future (Perfect)”

New York, NY

Known for his stunning production design for futuristic blockbusters – among them Blade Runner, Tron and Aliens – American artist Syd Mead’s distinctive blend of fantasy and the familiar has captivated scifi fans and lovers of dystopia. His work is currently being celebrated at Future (Perfect) – an exhibition at New York City gallery BravinLee Programs (May 11 to June 30 2012).

The exhibition centres on his paintings, with subjects ranging from space stations and alien armies, to unearthly vehicles. Each calls back to an imagined view of the future, a retro dream of modern living: snapshots of humanlike creatures gathering casually next to glossy, stylised vehicles; a panorama of a beautiful island that is at once recognisable and alien; and a beautifully imagined view of the earth glowing blue from behind a richly textured spaceship.

As we start to question our visions of the future, scifi, dystopian and fantasy visuals will play a key role in establishing an aesthetic beyond the digital age. We tackle this idea further in our report Memories of the Future: Designing Tomorrow, which is based on another Future Perfect exhibition in Paris.

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