Shadowlocked: Interview

The man behind the visual style of many a Hollywood SF classic (and who has arguably done more than anyone else to shape the cars we drive today) prognosticates on the automotive industry…and the prospect of a Blade Runner sequel.

Syd Mead - the man who sees the future

As you know, we at get to do some pretty cool things – interviews, game reviews, films reviews, and we get to go to places and do things that we know we are very privileged to see and do. Well, I got to do a very cool thing.

I’ve had the chance to catch-up with one of my all-time heroes, one of the Hollywood legends in the movie making process. He’s a man who has had an incredible career, and not only as a designer of some of the most incredible and iconic vehicles and sets in some of the biggest movies in the world. This man has shown us the future of civilisation, made it feel real; in developing public spaces, restaurants, computer games, watches, cars, posters, books and more. You know who it is? No?

If I said that it was the man who created the V’ger design in ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’, the Sulaco warship in ‘Aliens’, the police cars and believable cityscapes in ‘Blade Runner’, the light cycle in ‘Tron’…then anyone who is into their Science Fiction films should know this man’s work and his name.

He is Syd Mead and he has ‘imagineered’ the future of many every-day objects, public spaces and made them all – incredible.

Syd Mead is one of the reasons why I initially became an artist and wanted to go to Art College. I, like Syd, drew rocket-ships when I was a kid. I’m 41, so I think I’ve earned the right to call them rocket-ships too. When I left school, I went onto art college and was a designer; then I was captivated by computers, went to IBM and I left my art work behind. After a long break from drawing after my daughters were born, I returned to art and came back to a world full of incredibly talented artists around the world, I’ve made friends and learned so much from them. They have all helped me to work at growing my skills as an artist.

So to get to develop this feature for Shadowlocked with the help of Roger Servick and of course, Syd Mead, was an amazing opportunity. I hope you find this is a revealing view into the mind of one of the most imaginative and insightful illustrators alive on the planet today.


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