Pasadena Weekly Magazine: Back to the Future

According to Syd Mead, the future is looking up. The legendary designer, who makes his home in Pasadena’s woodsy South Arroyo neighborhood, has enjoyed a nearly five-decade career imagining the future for a living. His visions of sleek silver cars, teeming metallic skylines and giant robotic greyhounds — all well lit and efficient — have been employed by everyone from the Ford Motor Co. to Warner Bros. Studios. And he’s gained a devoted cult of admirers too, not only for his detailed futurist scenarios but also for his astounding ability with paint and brush.

Mead’s work has long remained the secret of design professionals and Hollywood insiders, as well as art students and science fiction fans who have done their research. But with a 2006 National Design Award for his work, a new documentary film on his life and career and a rare gallery showing in downtown Los Angeles, the time is right for everyone to discover the beautiful visions of Syd Mead.

Back to the future


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