Hyperallergic: The Man Who Dreamed Up the World of Blade Runner

BravinLee Programs in Chelsea has one of the most eye-popping shows currently on display in the city’s art galleries. The gallery has invited Syd Mead, the futurist designer behind such cult classics as Blade Runner (1982), Aliens (1986) and Tron (1982), to exhibit his creations at their West 26th Street space.

Syd Mead checking out some student work at the Vancouver Film School (via blog.vfs.com)

The futurist visions are painted with gouache on board and reveal a very hedonist vision of the world of the future. Figures are sensual, details are abundant and the angles shift to see the world from above, below and from impossible perspectives that give the universe he imagines an ethereal tint.

What’s peculiar about Mead’s work is how it feels strangely familiar even if it is situated in another time. Like Victorian visions of the future or images of the late 20th C. created during the Jazz age, there is a slice of life feel to these scene that make them as appealing today as when they left his desk or easel.


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