Glendale News Press Review: Syd Mead Progressions


The Forest Lawn Museum retrospective exhibition of Syd Mead’s half-century career as designer, illustrator and artist is composed of more than just renderings of his curious futuristic inventions. Mead shapes a utopian future made believable. His visions of aerodynamic transportation, orbital architecture, sporting robots and interplanetary society are persuasive, delivered with ingenious perspective and fastidious detail.

In his book, “Sentury II,” Mead calls auto design his first love. Throughout the 1970s and ‘80s, Mead worked the drawing boards for auto industry giants Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, providing progressive and functional concept designs. Many of the artist’s futuristic auto styles are included in “Syd Mead Progressions” at the museum, including a triptych of what he labels “Future Transports,” with luxury yachts, hyperspace crafts, and a folding, telescoping space station.

Many movie fans know Mead best as the creator of futurist concept designs incorporated into such feature films as “Blade Runner,” “Aliens” and “Mission: Impossible III,” reaching an international audience far beyond the drafting table. Other images are the result of commissions by an eclectic collection of clients including National Geographic, Japanese toy designers, Sony and many others.


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