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“L.A. 2013” by Syd Mead (1988)

A two-storied boulevard runs into the horizon, with non-combustion cars skimming down the road’s slick surface. Office towers frame the road’s path, drawing our eyes up to a clear and unpolluted sky. This is Syd Mead’s “L.A. 2013,” the front cover of a 1988 issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine.

Although Mead’s vision is not an accurate representation of L.A. today, it doesn’t seem that farfetched. Neil M. Denari Architects’s High Line 23 or nearly any of the new buildings over-hanging the highline line in New York could easily be figured into the scene, and the Prius’s silent float would fit perfectly among the white noise that the traffic in Mead’s image evokes. Like Mead’s other creations, the rendering reorganizes the existent within the realm of emerging technologies rather than presuming a completely reinvented world.


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